Tory Lanez Trolled Over Megan Thee Stallion Shooting After Thanksgiving Giveaway

Tory Lanez Trolled Over Megan Thee Stallion Shooting After Thanksgiving Giveaway


Tory Lanez Trolled Over Megan Thee Stallion Shooting After Thanksgiving Giveaway

The ‘Money Over Fallouts’ rapper takes to Instagram to highlight his charitable act that costs him $15k, but many accuse him of trying to gain sympathy after the July shooting incident.

Tory Lanez is joining the list of celebrities who are giving back in honor of Thanksgiving. Embracing the spirit of the annual festivity, the Canadian rapper has splurged $15,000 for his own pocket to fund a giveaway in Brooklyn.

On Monday, November 23, the 28-year-old hip-hop star posted on Instagram a video of him handing out turkeys and groceries to those in needs. “So today I spent like 15K and Got turkeys and extra groceries For families in less fortunate places and situations !” he wrote in the caption.

Explaining his motivation for the giveaway, Tory shared, “I used to be homeless and I hated thanksgiving cuz I wasn’t able to afford s**t or cook s**t.. S/O my n***a Soul B & Johnny Cash (WE DID THIS BY OURSELF NO COOPERATION OR COMPANY HELP … … this is my way of helping what ever kid might be going through the same thing I was ! LOVE FROM THE UMBRELLAS HAPPY THANKSGIVING.”

While some of his followers applauded Tory for his charitable act, some others couldn’t help roasting the “Quarantine Radio” host over the shooting incident involving Megan Thee Stallion last July. “aw & you didn’t shoot them either,” one commented on the video.

“Glad he didn’t shoot anyone,” another jokingly reacted, while someone else made a similar joke about shooting, “Did he personally shoot the Turkey’s?” A fourth user quipped, “Did everybody leave with all their toes?”

Some others questioned Tory’s motive and seemingly accused him of trying to make up for shooting Megan with the giveaway. “When it’s from the heart it’s not broadcasted,” one argued. Another called it “damage control.”

“He tryna do good so we forget about him shooting our home girl ion like det,” another person refused to fall for Tory’s alleged agenda, while some others claimed, “This for the judge” and “He tryna get sympathy from the jury!”

Megan’s fans, meanwhile, won’t forgive Tory that easily, with one noting, “You still shot Meg.” Another asked, “did he give back to megan for shootin her,” while someone else demanded that he’s sentenced to prison time, “That’s so great………… I still want you in jail for shooting that damn girl but good job.”


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