Netflix's 'Three-Body Problem' Producer Lin Qi Dies at 39 After Alleged Poisoning by Colleague

Netflix's 'Three-Body Problem' Producer Lin Qi Dies at 39 After Alleged Poisoning by Colleague


Netflix's 'Three-Body Problem' Producer Lin Qi Dies at 39 After Alleged Poisoning by Colleague

The chairman and CEO of Yoozoo Group has passed away after hospitalized since December 16 amid police’s investigation on his alleged poisoning by a coworker, surnamed Xu.

Chinese producer and entrepreneur Lin Qi has died at 39 years old after allegedly being poisoned. Lin, who is an executive producer on Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of “The Three-Body Problem“, passed away on Friday, December 25 after being hospitalized since December 16.

On Wednesday evening, December 23 China time, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau announced Lin’s hospitalization due to poisoning and their investigation into the matter that led them to the arrest of a suspect, surnamed Xu.

The statement read, “At 5 P.M. on Dec. 17, 2020, the police received a call from a hospital regarding a patient surnamed Lin. During the patient’s treatment, the hospital said it had determined that the patient had been poisoned. Following the call, the police began an investigation.”

“According to investigations on site and further interviews, the police found that a suspect surnamed Xu, who is a coworker of the victim Lin, was the most likely the perpetrator,” it continued. “The suspect Xu has been arrested and investigations continue.”

Lin, who was also known as Titan Lin, was the founder of YOOZOO Games, a video game developer and publisher of browser and mobile games, in Asia, Europe and North America. The suspect Xu is a Yoozoo coworker of Lin’s.

According to local news reports, a dispute among the Chinese entertainment company’s executive ranks might have led to the assault on Lin, which was allegedly carried out via a cup of poisoned pu-erh tea.

Lin is credited as producer on upcoming Netflix series “The Three-Body Problem”, which is based on the immensely popular Chinese sci-fi book trilogy penned by author Liu Cixin. “Game of Thrones” series creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are developing the project for the streaming service, which acquired rights to the books from Yoozoo Group a.k.a. Yuzou.

The story centers on humanity’s first contact with an alien civilization. In 2015, it became the first Asian novel to win a Hugo Award.


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