Joe Piscopo Breaks Down Why He Finds Hilaria Baldwin's Spanish Accent Story 'So Much Fun'

Joe Piscopo Breaks Down Why He Finds Hilaria Baldwin's Spanish Accent Story 'So Much Fun'


Joe Piscopo Breaks Down Why He Finds Hilaria Baldwin's Spanish Accent Story 'So Much Fun'
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As the wife of Alec Baldwin deals with backlash for admitting that she was born in Boston instead of Spain, the former ‘Saturday Night Live’ star encourages people to embrace her story.

Joe Piscopo found Hilaria Baldwin’s Spanish accent controversy amusing. A few days after the wife of Alec Baldwin found herself under fire when questioned about her heritage surfaced, the former “Saturday Night Live” star explained why he would rather take it positively, crediting the story for being “so much fun.”

The 69-year-old offered his two cents in the Wednesday, October 30 episode of Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom”. When asked what he thought on the controversy, he first shared, “My take is different. I so welcome this.” He added, “This is so crazy, the news is crazy. Look at 2020, I welcome story like this. This is so much fun, it’s so great.”

On the reason why he found the drama entertaining, Joe thought it could be a good respite from “all the negativity” during the coronavirus pandemic. Noting that Hilaria has spoken with a Spanish accent in the past “and she’s not from Spain,” he suggested, “You gotta love it. You gotta appreciate it and embrace it with all the bad news that’s out there.”

While the comedian embraced Hilaria’s Spanish accent controversy, some others found it “painful.” On Monday, December 28, PEOPLE’s editorial assistant Ale Russian shared her own experience through a first-person essay titled, “Why the Hilaria Baldwin Scandal Is Painful for Immigrants – Including Me.”

“I can’t imagine what she meant to do when she started appropriating the language and customs of a different culture,” Ale wrote. “What Hilaria did is not funny: it’s a slap in the face to so many who are still feeling the effects of actually having the culture that she pretends to have.”

Despite the objection, Joe emphasized that he was “loving every minute of” the story. “We get offended too easily,” he claimed. “Why she did it? I don’t know. I think that’s subject for a sketch on ‘SNL’, I’m just saying. Please don’t be offended, just embrace the story that has anything to do other than politics or the pandemic.”

Hilaria herself had explained about her background after she was accused of faking her Spanish accent. “I’m born in Boston, and then I spent some of my childhood in Boston, some of my childhood in Spain… everybody is over there in Spain and now I’m here. So there was a lot of back and forth my entire life,” she clarified in an Instagram video shared on Sunday, December 27.

Her husband Alec and stepdaughter Ireland Baldwin have since jumped into her defense. The “30 Rock” alum said on Instagram, “I would say the majority of what’s been said… is false. It’s so spectacularly false,” while his daughter stated, “It’s so pathetic that anyone would wanna play detective, and dig that deep into someone’s life that they don’t know, don’t know anything about, how they were raised, who they were actually raised by.”