Video: Drake Goes Wild Over Toronto Raptos' NBA Finals Win, Jumps on Man

Video: Drake Goes Wild Over Toronto Raptos' NBA Finals Win, Jumps on Man

Video: Drake Goes Wild Over Toronto Raptos' NBA Finals Win, Jumps on Man

To celebrate his favorite team’ victory, the Canadian hip-hop superstar has also announced that he will be releasing two new songs, ‘Omerta’ and ‘Money in the Grave’.

Drake, a well-known Toronto Raptors superfan, couldn’t contain his happiness when his favorite team won the NBA Finals for the first time. The hip-hop superstar absolutely lost it the minute the Canadian basketball team won the championship, and the moment was captured on camera.

In a fan-captured video that surfaced online, Drake could be seen screaming with joy and jumping on his fellow Raptors fan to celebrate the win. He then popped a bottle of champagne and chugged it before putting his arms in the air. The “God’s Plan” hitmaker was totally acting like he was the one who played during the game, jumping around with other fans.

Later, Drake gave an impassioned post-game speech to the press. “This is poetic! This is poetic. You just gotta watch it happen,” he said. “Kawhi Leonard, bringing the chip to the city. I want my chips with the dip, that’s all I know. I don’t want my chips plain, I want my chips with the dip. We did what we had to do. It’s not about what it means. You know what it means. You can turn your cameras up to the screens and know what it means.”

The video of his reaction, unsurprisingly, gained social media users’ attention. “Drake acting like he was in the game playing his heart out,” one said, as there were some people who joked that the “In My Feelings” rapper should receive the MVP title. “All the points he scored this season he deserve to win. I hope drake gets MVP,” an individual said as one other similarly commented, “Honestly Drake should just get MVP at this point.”

Drake was apparently so happy over Raptors’ win that his over the top reaction might not be enough to convey how excited he was. Later on, he told his Instagram followers that he would be releasing two new songs, “Omerta” and “Money in the Grave” featuring Rick Ross, to celebrate the victory.

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