Swizz Beatz's Baby Mama Accuses Him of Being Abusive and Racist

Swizz Beatz's Baby Mama Accuses Him of Being Abusive and Racist

Swizz Beatz's Baby Mama Accuses Him of Being Abusive and Racist

Jahna Sebastian shares on Instagram a screenshot of a text exchange where the father of her only daughter Nicole seemingly mocked her appearance and culture.

Swizz Beatz‘s baby mama Jahna Sebastian made some serious accusations against the music producer. She claimed Swizz was abusive and racist, and his wife Alicia Keys was disrespectful. “It’s been long ten years of abuse, misogyny and disrespect from these two people,” she said.

“They think money gives them the right to put mothers down and treat them whichever way they want. Nicole is 11, not 18. The same week he claimed publicly to call any time, in reality he told to never talk to him again, shutting me down, sending hate,” Jahna wrote on her Instagram.

She said the father of her only daughter sent her GIFs mocking her appearance and culture. In a screenshot of their alleged text exchange, he seemingly sent a GIF of Miranda Sings, an alter ego of YouTuber Colleen Ballinger, applying a large amount of lipstick that made her look like a clown.

“This is how women are treated in this family,” she said. “Just because I am in the minority as a woman of color, an immigrant who was a refugee in the UK and eventually became British Citizen without any help; just because I have no family in the UK apart from my daughter; just because I am a single mother, does not mean I can be humiliated, bullied, threatened or harassed.”

Jahna additionally took issues with Swizz’s Instagram post where he appeared to threaten her. It was a video of him and his mother dancing, but he seemingly referred to .40 caliber pistol in his caption, “These BMs playing with me like my mama don’t carry the 40 at all times. BX.”

“Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys husband and her fan base have been threatening me,” she told her followers. “His wife, who is supposed to be ‘pro women’ is aware of this. I fear for my life and safety. I am alone with Nicole and the only way to protect myself is to let everyone know.”

She also blasted Alicia’s sound engineer Ann Mincieli for joking and encouraging the “No One” hitmaker to drop a diss track.

The feud between Jahna Sebastian and Swizz Beatz started before Christmas when Jahna accused Alicia Keys of manipulating and forcing Nicole to call her “umi,” which means mother in Arabic, and bribing the kid with material things.

He vehemently denied her accusations while Alicia kept silent.

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