Here’s How Much the Love Island Cast Spent on New Clothes for the Villa

Here’s How Much the Love Island Cast Spent on New Clothes for the Villa

I brought about three or four sunglasses, but I’m still looking for one pair in my suitcase. It’s an absolute mess. One pair is my stylish sunglasses, like, if you see them you’ll know. They’re straight for fashion. I can’t see a thing out of them, and they don’t protect me from anything. My eyes still hurt from the sun, but I’m going to wear them anyway.

You’ll be doing your own hair and makeup in the villa. Anything that’ll be a challenge for you?

I’m not really concerned about anything. Before, I would be about lashes but in the months while I was waiting to find out if I was getting the show or not I was like,
“Let me learn how to put lashes on right.” I finally got good at them, and now they don’t fly off my face when the wind hits. I watched YouTube videos to get the technique. I use a little compact mirror so I can put it underneath my eyes to see my actual eyelash line. The secret, too, is the glue you have. I use Duo, that really holds.

There might be some kissing in the villa. What’s the best lipstick or gloss for making out?

For me, I need Vaseline. It heals my lips and keeps them soft at night. I’ll wake up with brand new lips.

What’s the most surprising thing you packed?

Maybe a book? That’s not surprising, though. We all should pack books. I’m reading Meridian by Alice Walker.

Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment

Alexandra Stewart

25, Los Angeles, Publicist

What was your packing strategy?

I had like three days to pack, but I’m a beauty publicist so I had a whole vault of stuff. For shopping, I ran around The Grove because I didn’t have enough time to order anything. I was looking for you things with an island vibe—bright whites with floral patterns, bathing suits, and stuff with neon colors to make my tan pop. I have a million swimsuits because they are just my favorite thing. That’s what I spend all my money on, no matter what. I like L*SPACE, Frankies, and Forever 21 had a couple cute tops. I was surprised.

How much did you spend on new stuff?

I would probably say $600—if you add in beauty supplies, I’d say like $1000.

It’s hot in Fiji. Did you pack anything to deal with the sun and humidity?

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