Future Kisses Lori Harvey in Jamaica, Internet Reacts

Future Kisses Lori Harvey in Jamaica, Internet Reacts

Future Kisses Lori Harvey in Jamaica, Internet Reacts

The ‘Turn on the Lights’ rapper and his new girlfriend are getting lovey dovey as they are parading public display of affection while celebrating her 23rd birthday in Jamaica.

Future and Lori Harvey are enjoying their vacation in Jamaica, ignoring the ruckus on internet. The lovebirds packed on public display of affection during the exotic getaway. The rapper landed a kiss on her cheek and she proudly posted it on her Instagram. “Life is good [diamond],” she gushed.

The couple got mixed reactions on the web. “Future looking like a proud girlfriend finally being posted by Lori Harvey,” one wrote. Another said, “Future adding Lori Harvey to the collection.” One other penned, “Someone said Lori wins and I’m confused as to what she has won. Future is a pass around lol.”

A different person commented, “Lori and Future combined toxicity for the greater good.” And another similar comment read, “Lori Harvey and Future both so toxic that they cancel each other out and they prolly have the perfect open relationship, some of y’all should take notes.”

Some were disappointed by Lori’s decision. One commented, “Lori Harvey going against everything Steve Harvey be preaching about got me crying.” Another said, “Lori Harvey can be anything in the world, but she’s voluntarily auditioning to be Future’s eighth baby mama. Why?”

Some others thought those critics were just being salty. “Lori clearly has that good good while you wishing you could could,” one penned. Another said, “Lori is a young babe pls I don’t think she’s tryna wife future, sis just having some fun. let her live.”

Meanwhile, this person cracked a hilarious joke, “I need an IG story video of Lori Harvey baby sitting Future’s kids ASAP. I want chaos.”

Lori has been linked to Future since 2019. The couple has been constantly on the news ever since. Just recently, he was trolled after getting busted for giving Lori the same exact birthday surprise as his former girlfriends and baby mamas.

Lori was previously linked to Trey Songz, P. Diddy‘s son Justin, and Diddy himself. She was engaged to Dutch soccer player Memphis Depay in 2017 but they called it quits less than a year later.

Meanwhile, Future is notorious for having a number of baby mamas and their dramas. His most famous ex is singer Ciara. They were engaged in 2013 but broke up due to his infidelity the following year after she gave birth to his son.

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