El Paso Widower Has Vehicle Stolen, Local Dealership Gifts Him New SUV

El Paso Widower Has Vehicle Stolen, Local Dealership Gifts Him New SUV

El Paso Widower Has Vehicle Stolen, Local Dealership Gifts Him New SUV

August 23, 2019

A man who lost his wife in the El Paso shooting had his SUV stolen and wrecked after her funeral.

After hearing about his ordeal, a local car dealership gifted him a brand new car.

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Casa Ford Lincoln

Antonio Basco, 61, made headlines after issuing a public invitation to his wife Margie’s funeral, saying he felt alone as the couple didn’t have any nearby relatives. Over 3,000 people turned out for her services and over a thousand flower arrangements were sent for the funeral.

The following weekend, Basco’s vehicle was stolen and wrecked. In addition to the car destruction, the thief also stole a pressure washing machine from Basco’s trailer that he used for his mobile car washing business.

Casa Ford Lincoln, a dealership in El Paso, posted on its Facebook page that it was looking for ways to help Basco.

The dealership eventually gave Basco a brand new Ford Escape and a trailer.

“The Love of God has no borders,” the dealership wrote on Facebook.

CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reported that an anonymous donor bought Basco a new pressure washer for his business.

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