Bhad Bhabie Defends Her NBA YoungBoy Tattoo: 'No One's Saying I'm With Him'

Bhad Bhabie Defends Her NBA YoungBoy Tattoo: 'No One's Saying I'm With Him'

Bhad Bhabie Defends Her NBA YoungBoy Tattoo: 'No One's Saying I'm With Him'

The ‘These Heaux’ hitmaker claps back at accusations that she’s some sort of NBA YoungBoy’s side chick because he already has a girlfriend, after she’s got his first name ‘Kentrell’ inked on her hand.

Bhad Bhabie clapped back at Internet trolls who criticized her over her NBA YoungBoy tattoo. The 16-year-old femcee, whose real name is Danielle Bregoli, has got NBA YoungBoy’s first name “Kentrell” inked on the side of her hand, leading to speculation that they had a romantic relationship.

Seeing that NBA YoungBoy a.k.a. YoungBoy Never Broke Again already has a girlfriend, people accused Bhad Bhabie of being his side piece. She initially claimed that the tattoo said “Kentucky”, but a close look revealed that it’s “Kentrell”.

Coming clean about her tattoo, Bhad Bhabie went live on Instagram to slam rumors that she and NBA YoungBoy were romantically involved, and defended her decision to get the tattoo. “I need y’all to mind your business and understand that my tattoos have meanings to me,” she said. “No one’s saying I’m with him. No one’s saying no type of s**t like that. That tattoo has been there for a while now. I just decided to get it redone. That’s all it is. It’s so crazy.”

“All I see on the internet, people talk and talk about sh*t y’all don’t know about,” she added. “This is my body. These are my tattoos. I do my own s**t for my own reasons. Y’all do not know what goes on with me and him. Y’all don’t know behind the scenes.”

Hitting back at the critics, she continued, “So, please, stop telling me how he has a girlfriend. I did not get this tattoo to be with him or because I’m with him. C’mon. Stop. Seriously, stop the bulls**t. Stop. Y’all sound crazy out y’all f***ing mind.”

Bhad Bhabie also posted an explanation on her Instagram page, but deleted it shortly afterward. “Lemme tell y’all something about this boy right here,” she wrote along with a picture of her with the “Valuable Pain” rapper. She gushed about NBA YoungBoy, “This gotta b the most talented person I’ve ever met. Not only is he talented but he has a amazing heart and he truly is a good person.”

“I’m tired of seeing y’all bash him and talk bad about him y’all only speak on what you see but what y’all don;t seem to realize is he really been through some s**t thats what makes him act how do,” she continued. “Y’all don’t know him like I do. My tattoo has our own personal meaning behind it.”

“No we are not together but the truth is we will always b a part of each other’s life no matter what anyone got to say,” she insisted, before describing their relationship, “We’ve played a big part in each other’s life and helped each other though a lot of s**t. We talk all the time and no one will ever change that. Im by his side til he die and even after that. Kentrell I love you 4L.”

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